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An European initiative to improve skills in the accessibility market

Lifelong Learning Programme

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Skip This transfer of innovation project builds on the 'European Rural Tourism' Pilot Project

This transfer of innovation project builds on the 'European Rural Tourism' Pilot Project

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To develop a new modular training package to address the needs of SMEs and Support agencies in raising skills and knowledge on ‘Accessibility’ in the tourism sector within ‘The Accessible City’

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Functional diversity

There are plenty of disabled people who would not call themselves disabled - a grandmother who is hard of hearing, a child with reading difficulties, someone who wears glasses. Some people may have temporary mobility restrictions, such as someone with a broken leg or a pregnant lady; some conditions are not obvious - asthma, diabetes and allergies. Impairments that have an adverse effect on a person's day-to-day activities can include cancer, multiple sclerosis, heart conditions; hearing or sight impairments; learning difficulties and mental health conditions such as dementia and depression.

Tactall objectives
    • Transfer experience in tackling ‘accessibility’ issues to promote Tourism for all
    • Develop new training course based on methodology of ERTD project www.ertd.info
    • Pilot/evaluate new learning modules/content
    • seek to integrate in national VET frameworks
    • Disseminate outcomes to stakeholders
    • Investigate potential to establish Accessible City network in Europe

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The course structure at the end...
by Giovanni Crisonà - Monday, 4 May 2009, 04:22 PM
Following first project meeting, Marny Thompson and Rosaleen Courtney of nortcoll uk, agreed to look at all the skills objectives, both from the 'brainstorm' in the meeting and also the suggestions that Gruppo Adapta had provided.

They spent some time arriving at a first draft document, in witch they have a suggested course structure, which covers 12 weeks, 4 workshops. This would be blended learning (as we all partners agreed).

The basical idea was that the workshops should be very practical and interactive so, the first draf has been updated with Adapta and Cdea contribute and Leif Haar suggested: "a structure with modules, so the learner can pick the right module(s), which fits best. The structure now is not interesting for Danish institutions or companies. The length of a course unit of several weeks will really be a problem."
Picture of Giovanni Crisonà
First meeting in San Sebastian
by Giovanni Crisonà - Monday, 4 May 2009, 04:00 PM
First meeting in San Sebastian, Basque Country, has been held the 11th, 12th December 2008.

meeting partecipants in san sebastian

Partecipants discussed project plan, organization, skills objectives, roles and marketing aspects.

The official launch of Tactall has been the 12th with a press conference in the municipality of San Sebastian.

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